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Cost of placement of the rental car at „Park Smart” in airport "Riga"

Leaving the rental car at Riga International Airport parking lot „Park Smart” is free of charge.

Do you return the money?

No, money paid is not refunded as the amount of lease depends on number of days you choose as your car rental period.

Is there an additional charge for a car received at Riga Airport?

No, receving a rental car at Riga Airport costs is free of charge.

What is included in the car rental payment?

  • Chosen time period for the car rent;

  • KASKO insurance with own responsibility for the car with regard to the car brand and model;

  • OCTA insurance;

  • Daily mileage of 100 km.

How long is the deposit locked, and how fast is it unlocked?

Ambercar unlocks the deposit during 10 business days after the hired car is returned.

Deposit unlocking in the bank can last up to 14 calendar days.

Can settlements be made by cash?

Yes, you can pay by cash for your rented car in our office.

Can settlements be made by credit card?

Yes, it is possible to pay with a card both in the office and outside the office, as we use a portable bank terminal.

In what cases the full repayment of the deposit sum is not performed?

The full car rental deposit amount may not be refunded in the following cases:

  • if damage is detected to the car returned
  • if the customer has used additional services or equipment;
  • if the car is returned later than the time stipulated in the contract;
  • if the fuel tank is not fully filled.

We recommend that you always keep your last fuel receipt before returning your car to the rental office, as there may be anomalies in the vehicle's gauge readings, which can lead to disputes over the full or partial filling of the fuel tank.