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Is car parking a paid service at „Park Smart” in airport "Riga"?

No, returning the car in the Park Smart car park is free of charge.

Receiving a car at Riga Airport is also free.

Will the money be refunded if I return the car sooner?

No, the money paid is not refunded, despite the fact that the car is returned faster, because the total rent depends on the number of days.

If you have paid and canceled the reservation less than 2 weeks before the start of the car rental, the money paid will not be refunded, as we have refused other customers who would have picked up the car during the same period.

Is there a charge for picking up / dropping off at the airport?

No, receiving and returning a rental car at Riga Airport is free of charge.

There is an additional charge if you want to receive the car outside the working hours of Ambercar, which will cost 40 Eur.

What is included in the car rental fee?

  • Car rental in the desired period,
  • CASCO with deductible according to car make and model;
  • Civil insurance (OCTA),
  • Your chosen type of mileage,
  • VAT.

How long is the security deposit withheld?

Car rental Ambercar security deposit is automatically unlocked within 10 working days after the returned car is returned.

Unlocking a deposit at the bank can take up to 14 calendar days. For foreign banks, this process takes longer.

Is it possible to pay in cash?

Yes, it is also possible to pay in cash upon receipt of the car.

Is it possible to pay by card?

Yes, it is possible to pay with a card both in the office and outside the office premises, because we use a portable bank terminal.

In which cases is the full security deposit not refunded?

The full amount of the security deposit may not be refunded in the following cases:

  • if the fuel tank is not fully filled and the lessee has not paid for it;
  • if the car is returned later than the time specified in the contract and the lessee has not paid for it;
  • if the customer has used additional services or equipment and has not paid for it during the car rental period;
  • if damage is found to the returned car and the lessee has not paid the issued invoice;
  • if a report of the violation has arrived and the lessee has not paid the issued invoice.