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What is the User/Tenant responsible for?

The user of hired car is responsible for the part of loss that in case of insurance event is covered by the insured Party, in this case - the Tenant.

What should be done in traffic accident?

  • In case of a KASKO event, Tenant`s duty is to follow Rental Agreement Provisions and to fill in the gaps of Ambercar`s “Report on the Damage of Vehicle”, as well as to observe general provisions of the Rental Agreement.

  • If one or two cars are damaged during the road traffic accident, you do not have to report the case to the police. Filling in the Agreed Statement of Road Traffic Accident is sufficient.

  • If two or more cars are involved, you must turn to the police.

Are CRA Ambercar cars insured?

Yes, each of our fleet cars has a special KASKO Car Rental Policy and public liability insurance.

Fine for the surpassing limited mileage

0.15 EUR must be paid for each surpassed kilometer per day of the limited mileage.

What to do if technical problems arise?

In the event of an accident or car breakdown, Ambercar Car Rental provides 24-hour free technical support by calling +371 20110111