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Personal Data Processing Privacy and Cookie Usage Policy


The principal commercial activity type of SIA "PDBC" is providing car rental and transfer services.

Our customers' privacy and personal data protection are very important to us. SIA "PDBC" is committed to protecting any personal information provided by a customer - existing, potential or former.

The purpose of this privacy policy is to provide our customer as a natural person with the information about the purpose, scope, etc. of personal data processing.

Privacy policy applies to data processing regardless of the form and/or environment the customer provides personal data (on the website of SIA “PDBC”, mobile app., face-to-face, paper, email or telephone).

Personal Data Processing

In order to conclude a car rental contract, fulfil its obligations towards the Customer and ensure the performance of the contractual obligations, SIA "PDBC" has to collect, process and store the Customer's personal data.

Personal data are any information related to the Customer as a natural person (personal code, address, e-mail, telephone number and any other information that can be identified by a particular person). SIA "PDBC" can receive information about the Customer even if the Customer uses the services of social networks SIA "PDBC".

SIAPDBC processes personal data for the following purposes:

For services provision and rendering (for the identification of a customer, the preparation and conclusion of a contract, car rental reservation and administration, contract fulfilment and provision of the contract, communication with the Customer, improvement and development of services, promotion and distribution of services for commercial purposes, customer service, claims handling and processing; administration of the loyalty programmes; customer support, loyalty, satisfaction measurement, billing administration, debt recovery and collection, maintenance and improvement of websites and mobile applications).

Business planning and analysis (for statistics and business analysis, planning and accounting, market research, for conducting customer surveys, for obtaining customer references, performing and securing commercial and marketing activities).

Compliance with legal requirements - provision of information to state administrative institutions and entities of operational activities in cases and in the extent specified in the external regulatory enactments.

For other specific purposes which the Customer is informed about at the times when he/she provides relevant data to SIA "PDBC".

The information and personal data provided by the Customer for the purposes specified in this Policy, will be collected, processed and stored in accordance with the requirements of the European Union legislation regarding the personal data protection.

Application of Privacy Policy

The privacy policy applies to the protection of privacy and personal data in relation to:

physical persons - customers (including potential, former and existing ones), as well as to third parties who receive or transfer to SIA “PDBC” any information (including contact persons, payers, etc.) in connection with the provision of services to the Customer;

Visitors of SIA "PDBC";

Visitors of SIA "PDBC" website, social networks and mobile apps.

<spanPersonal Data Obtaining

SIA „PDBC” obtains personal data in the following ways:

Collecting data and information provided directly by the Customer to SIA "PDBC" (by phone, e-mail, face-to-face, skype or online chat room);

Collecting data provided by the Customer filling in any forms and information fields on the SIA "PDBC" website;

On SIA “PDBC” website, using cookies;

By obtaining authorization from other persons with included physical persons’ personal data.


Legal Basis for Personal Data Processing

SIA “PDBC” processes the Customer's personal data on the basis of the following legal grounds:

conclusion and execution of a contract - to conclude a contract with the Customer and to ensure its execution;

for the enforcement of regulatory enactments - in order to fulfil the obligations specified in the binding external normative acts;

in accordance with the Customer's consent;

to protect the legitimate interests - to exercise the legitimate interests of SIA "PDBC" arising from the contract between SIA “PDBC” and the Customer and mutually agreed upon by the Customer:

Within the scope of this policy, the legitimate interests of SIA "PDBC" are deemed to be:

the right to engage in commercial activities;

providing car rental and transfer services;

verifying the identity of the Customer before conclusion of a contract;

ensuring fulfilment of contractual obligations;

eliminating unreasonable financial risks for their commercial activities

storing Customers’ applications;

contacting the Customer;

administering a Customer's membership loyalty programme;

analysing the activities of SIA "PDBC" website, websites and mobile app, developing and implementing their improvements;

administering the Customer's account on SIA “PDBC” website, on the Internet and on the websites;

segmenting the customers’ database for more efficient services provision;

advertising our services by sending commercial notifications;

sending other messages on the progress of the contract performance and the events relevant to the performance of the contract,

conducting customer surveys and questionnaires about services;

marketing activities performance;

fraud prevention;

providing financial and business accounting and analytics;

ensuring effective corporate management processes;

ensuring the efficiency of service provision;

ensuring and improving the quality of services;

payment administering;

unsuccessful payments administering;

addressing state administrative and operational bodies, courts or debt collection companies to protect their legal interests

informing the public about their activities.

Personal Data Storage

The personal data about the Customer obtained by SIA "PDBC", are stored both in paper format and in the company's information system. Personal data are stored as long as it is necessary for the purpose of the data processing for which they were obtained. In real practice, personal data are stored for as long as there is reason to believe that in connection with the contractual relationship entered into between the Customer and SIA "PDBC", any claims may be raised. Personal data that are no longer needed for a specific purpose, shall be deleted.

The Customer shall be entitled at any time to request the renewal of his/her data, information about the use of their personal data, and to request the deletion of their data.

Communication with the Customer

SIA “PDBC” contacts the Customer using the contact information specified by the Customer - by calling or sending the text messages to the specified phone number, by sending an e-mail, sending letters/notifications to the Customer's postal address.

SIA “PDBC” conducts communication with the Customer regarding the reservation of the services performed on the basis of the Customer's request, but for the performance of the contractual obligations - on the basis of the concluded contract.

SIA “PDBC” may contact the Customer in the context of commercial communication and/or marketing activities (for example, by informing the Customer about news, special offers, information about SIA "PDBC" services, discounts, promotions, upcoming events and contests. This kind of communication is performed by SIA “PDBC” in accordance with the external regulatory enactments or with the consent of the Customer.

The Customer can consent to receipt of commercial communications and/or information on marketing activities on the homepage of SIA “PDBC”, at the office, by e-mail; such consent is valid until its withdrawal.

The customer can cancel the consent by sending a letter, e-mail or in-person at the office of SIA "PDBC".

SIA “PDBC” can also contact the Customer in other cases (for example, in response to the Customer's requests, applications, Customer Satisfaction Survey).

Transfer of Information to Third Parties

The collected data will not be transferred to third parties, but in certain circumstances, if it would be necessary for the purposes of the data processing specified herein, or if such an obligation is imposed by law, SIA “PDBC” may transfer the Customer's personal information and data to third parties:

if the third party concerned has to transfer the data within the scope of a contract to perform any function required for performance of the contract or delegated by law (for example, for a bank, for a accounting service provider within the scope of accounts settlement);

for IT service companies - for data storage and maintenance of information systems;

in accordance with the Customer's explicit consent;

for persons provided for by external regulatory enactments upon their reasonable request, in accordance with the procedure and extent specified in external regulatory enactments;

for protection of the legitimate interests of SIA "PDBC" (for example, by appealing to the court, a debt collector or other responsible institution);

In the event when SIA “PDBC” believes in good faith that disclosure of information is necessary to protect other rights of SIA “PDBC” (for example, to investigate potential violations of the terms and conditions of SIA "PDBC" or to find out, prevent or detect fraud or other security problems).


Cookie Usage

The website of SIA „PDBC” uses cookies - small files which, whenever the Customer visits our website, are kept by the browser on the Customer's computer to the extent specified in the browser settings of the Customer's computer.

SIA „PDBC” uses cookies to improve page functionality and facilitate its use, to get information about page visit intensity and statistics, identify new or previous customers, and improve marketing communication.

If the Customer does not want to use cookies in the devices used by the Customer, the Customer can change the security settings of the browser and choose the option not to store and/or delete cookies.

However, for the full and convenient use of the website of SIA „PDBC”, we recommend using cookies storage possibility.


SIA "PDBC" reserves the right to make amendments to this policy at any time, therefore the Customer is obligated to keep up to date with the changes. The previous versions of the policy will be available in the homepage archives.

If you have any questions regarding processing of your personal data, please contact us:

SIA "PDBC", Katrīnas dambis 29, Riga, LV-1045

e-mail: info@ambercar.eu, tel. 20660000.